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Beautiful landscapes are not the only thing we build. We build lasting relationships.

At the age of eighteen, Eric Romsey began what would become a life-long passion for the landscaping industry. Every day on the job he honed his landscape construction skills, developed his horticultural knowledge and fostered his keen eye for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. It was only a matter of time before Eric would branch out and establish a landscape construction company that would allow him to continue to do what he loves most. The name of his company is a nod to his nature and personal motto. He’s authentic in his approach and his actions. It’s his authenticity that has helped him build lasting relationships with all of his clients. He stands by his workers and the quality of their work and promises a 10-year guarantee on their workmanship for every job.

Eric is in constant contact with each one of his customers and manages every job from start to finish. His repeat customers and customer referrals are proof-positive of why his is one of the area’s leading landscape service companies. Rely on Authentic Landscapes to understand your landscaping needs, communicate effectively every day on the job, and maintain a clean and safe worksite.

Call Eric today and learn how Authentic Landscapes can help you create and maintain your outdoor oasis.